Personal financial trainer versus financial advisor
What’s the difference?

What I do: get you fiscally fit.

You’d hire a personal trainer if you wanted to lose weight faster and more effectively than just doing it yourself at the gym. Because a personal trainer:

  • Has the expertise to develop the best plan to suit your needs and goals
  • Gives you the tools and shows you how to safely achieve your goal
  • Holds you accountable to show up and work towards achieving your goal, even when you don’t feel like it.

If you are committed to changing your financial health, I can help you make that change. I’ll help you identify the habits and behaviours that have caused you to become financially unhealthy, develop a personalised plan to teach you how to take back control of your finances and hold you accountable to achieving your financial goals.

By starting on this journey, you are choosing to become the Hero – not the Victim – of your money story. You are choosing to change your money story.

Say goodbye to stressing about your financial mess, running in the hamster wheel of debt, playing the financial blame game with your partner and look forward to finally being in charge of your money and being able to breathe and dream again.

What I don’t do: sell you investments.

I believe that investing money is important, but that’s not my area of expertise –you’ll need an investment manager for that. But if you’re looking for the Warren Buffet of budgeting, you’ve come to the right place

Are we meant for each other?

What I’m looking for:

We’re a perfect match if you’re:

  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Committed to changing your money story
  • Willing to take 100% responsibility for your financial results

You know you can’t keep going on like this, so take the first step to becoming the master of your money today.

This is just what I need! What should I do next?

Click here to book a free 15 minute discovery call with me. I’ll learn more about your financial situation and give you an overview of how I can help you. Hey, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Who I’m not for

Here are the four most common reasons why I’m not the right guy for the job (but keep looking because I’m sure someone is):

  1. You’re looking for a quick and easy way out of your situation.
    There are no short cuts or get rich quick schemes in this journey. It requires commitment and discipline – no one becomes a master at anything without those qualities.
  2. You’re looking for someone to do all the work for you.
    My mission is to teach you how to be money smart so it becomes a lifelong skill that you can teach your own kids. The best way to learn is by doing. I will show you and teach you but you will do the heavy lifting. There are companies out there who will manage your money for you, but let me ask you this: would you let someone else tell you what to do with your time? No. So why would you let someone else tell you what to do with your money?
  3. Ebenezer Scrooge is your hero.
    Remember the main character in the movie, ‘A Christmas Carol’? The selfish and miserly old man who was visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve to compel him to change his ways? Being smart with money doesn’t mean you have to be a miserly cheapo. I won’t tell (or want) you to live in darkness and ration your toilet paper use. Extreme penny-pinching will just leave you unhappy and wishing for your old life back –debts and all! Making a change that lasts requires developing a realistic spending plan that keeps you moving forward.
  4. You can’t handle accents.
    Because I’ve got one. A strong one. Check out what I sound like here.

Still have more questions? Great! Click here for more FAQs.

I’m not the spending police

I’m not going to wag my finger at you and say “No, you can’t do that. It’s too expensive.”

Being money smart is not about being too strict or spending too much –both of which are just recipes for disaster. It’s about finding that sweet spot in the middle where you’re mind fully spending on what’s actually important to you. But in today’s world of easy credit, ‘tap-and-go’ payments and electronic banking, it’s easier to spend money thoughtlessly rather than turn off our autopilot and understand the motives behind our spending behaviour.

Mindful spending means:

  • Feeling great about every dollar you spend
  • Knowing what really makes you and your family happy
  • Spending on things that make your life rich and fulfilling

Having money does not make your life rich. It’s what you do with your money that determines whether you live a rich and fulfilling life, or a life of stress, guilt and unhappiness. The good news is no matter what your current situation, you can change. As part of my 5 Step Money Smart Training program you gain clarity about what is really important to you – your values – and develop goals that align with those values and bring you a sense of fulfilment. All I need from you is commitment and a willingness to see money in a different way than what you’re used to.