How do you feel about money?
How do you act with money?
What drives your financial behaviour?

The answer to these questions and more lie in your Money Personality.

Your Money Personality is a combination of your money habits and behaviors that influence your life and financial choices. There are six different Money habits and behaviors that determine your Money Personality:

  • Security seeker
  • Planner
  • Spontaneous
  • Status seeker
  • Giver
  • Carefree

There is no right or wrong Money Personalityit’s just how you’ve been wired based on the messages we’ve received about money and the experiences we’ve had with money.

However, your Money Personality can also change over time depending on your circumstances or if you intentionally decided to change it.

Through our fun and simple assessment, you will discover your unique Money Personality and its advantages and challenges. For couples, you will discover where your money personalities complement each other – and where they might clash Couples can use this information to identify triggers and address challenging issues before they escalate.

Money personality matter and they can be the source of enough grief to make or break a relationship.

Let us help you start the conversation in fun and simple way that will help you to discover and engage with each other’s Money Personalities.

Discovering your Money Personality will:

  • Help you reach your financial goals
  • Help you understand how you interact with other Money Personalities
  • Allow you and your partner to start having constructive discussions about money

Knowing you and your partner’s Money Personality is the difference between having financial harmony and financial battling in your home.

Trust me – I went through the same experience with my wife!

If you and your partner are sick and tired of the blame game and are desperately searching for a way to bring financial peace and unity into your home, then knowing your Money Personalities is the first step!

As part of my 5 Step Money Smart Training Program, you will discover your unique Money Personality through a fun and simple assessment that will take less than 15 minutes and bring a lifetime of benefit!

This is just what we need! What should we do next?

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